An Exhaustive List of Gigs, Festivals & Concerts I’ve attened and Artists I’ve seen, met and got signed work from…

This will be a mammoth list, I will have to update it frequently, I’ll try and keep it reasonably chronological too.

Musical Artists and Groups I’ve seen Live or Met, or Know….

This list is by Simon ‘Bravura’ Bellord, person ‘in charge’ ,studio curator and main instrumentalist/song writer at Distance Left…


To begin, at the beggining….

Numerous Classical and Jazz gigs I was taken to as Child, I cannot remember most of these and no longer have the ticket stubs…

Plenty of local gigs by school peers bands, some like #Nato (a metal group) got quite big and many of those involved are now industry bods, well done chaps.

Feeder, The Stereophonics & Ocean Colour Scene at Cardiff Millennium Stadium, first Arena Rock event I ever went to, back in the glory days of all the Artists…highly recommended Venue… sometime in the 00’s.

More to come….