Background/Core Principles

Dear All,

There are a few things I have to clarify…

There will sadly be some ads on this blog, as unlike YouTube I can’t disable them, for free.

I suggest, Mozilla Firefox, with Adblock and other tools, this does only solve the surface problem not the ‘ad crazed’ web2.0 one, however.

We’re anti-corporate monopolies and hyper-capitalism, Enron type stuff, and nations with poor human rights. But not making a living, out of what we do, we will defend our copyrights, and ideas.

We’re for Reason & Logic, but don’t reject feeling, wonder, awe and beauty, just BS, nonsense, denialism, religion, its apologists and extremists of any kind.

We at Distance Left, share a similar philosophy, but not a single mind, so if you see contradictory posts, can’t guess which political spectrum we’re on, don’t worry, it’s meant to be a little bit vague.

Some of us are Right Wing, some Liberal, some would live in communes, some favour beach side condos.

We’re a mixed bunch and we look forward to bringing you a unique multi-media and arts experience.




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