A Day In The Life of Distance Left…

I’m not usually a fan of over-exposure, as a producer DJ friend of mine oft reminds me “exposure, people die of that”.

I don’t think he’s far wrong and being a naturally prvivate person I don’t enjoy the idea of people peering into my daily life, all the time, though I’m happy to share this ‘n’ that, if people want to ask anything about my politics, beliefs, or living strategies feel feel to comment, though if you try and push your beliefs, or agenda I will mod you, discussion and sharing I like, ideologues and dogmatists I don’t.

With that said I will commence;

A Day In the Life of Distance Left…

Start of the Day:

I get up anywhere between 5am and 7am, I tend to read a little, check my emails, check the news online nothing exciting.

I do 10-15 mins of basic exercises, strectches, sit-ups, push-ups, limbering stuff, little weight lifting. I’m not hench, and I don’t like Gyms at all, I however don’t like being unfit or feeling unenergetic.

I meditate, not in a religious way, I don’t subscribe to any religion, nor would I, however mediation works for me, and has been scientifically shown to work; I was severely depressed many years ago and it helps, along with exercise and a good diet to keep me medication free and sane.

I tend to have basic breakfasts, wholemeal toast & spreads, porridge and fruit, muse-li (lol) , filling healthy stuff.

Being in England and ‘middle-class’, whatever that means these days, I listen to a mixture of Radio 4, 6Music and any CD’s I have about or new and/or made by my friends, to warm me up to the world and music that day.

Anytime between 8:30am-9am, if I haven’t got to go out, I’m in my studio, practising, warming, up setting up my gear and sifting through plugins, signal chains and setups.

In the even I have to go out, I favour cycling, I have a Lager Fixed Speed Road Bike, and a Felt general mountain touring bike, depending on the conditions and how far and how hilly it is the place I need to go is.

I get lifts, most of my friends drive and luckily one of my best mates is a Taxi driver, (yay mates rates) internationally or nationally I favour trains and sea vessels, I do fly, it’s just not my fave way to get about, damned security shoe fears, thanks Richard Reid, you arse, and you ruined Aldgate East and killed people in my home city, you utter prick.

Lunch: I love sandwiches, they’re cheap, simple and healthy, I almost never have anything else, and am an avid lunch-box fan.

After lunch, I return to the studio, and keep working, simple as, like any job music requires at least a 9-5 ethic, but usually way more.


I keep working, and if something is going well, I just eat later, if I’m out working, DJ-ing or gigging, I pack and prep, eat and leave simple as.

Evenings Out:

If I’m going out socially, I wash dress, and put on some nice clothes, I never pay full price for clothes and love charity/thrift shops, dress well for less and help good causes, win-win.

I’m not big on ‘product’ either, I loathe the ‘you must look better industry’ I use soap, shower gels & shampoo, one or two colognes, I prefer Davidoff Cool-Water and Beckhams Pour Homme, and beyond deodorants, that’s it.

I go out to see friends, see music, see films and dance, that’s it. If I’m out to dance I’m almost stone cold sober, I drink White Russsian’s (yes like ‘The Dude’ my friend turned me onto them after my 21st, he put on ‘The Big Lebowski’ so yea that’s that), JD ‘n’ Coke, Real Ales or Guinness. I smoke socially (yes a vile habit) if I smoke during the day, it’s the electronic ones.

Drugs, I personally don’t touch them, mental health and illegal drugs is a stupid mix. However the war on drugs is a sham and waste of time things like herion/coke should be controlled, but even Professor Nutt, actually made a case against this, so I side with him, and he lost his job for using science to get to the truth, poor guy.

Evenings In:

I watch TV Dramas, Films, play video games or listen to music/the radio.

I also cook; I like cooking and don’t eat out unless it’s it’s a friends restaurant or I’m being lazy or late.

That’s about it…I hope you find it more interesting that I do…


Distance Left…