Travel – Which Broadens The Mind…

I’ve been pretty lucky in life, beyond being born in a privileged first world nation, and into a well-to-do situation within that.


I’ve been to a variety of places, having started life in London, I was moved by my parents to Cornwall, but spent most of my holidays there, thus, I’ve barely got any close friends from the rather small and close knit place I grew up.

Most of my friends are from around the world, or at least in an around London.


I have neither a city or country mentality, there are aspects of both which I like and dislike, however if forced to pick I would go for cities, there’s simply more to do and more people to do it with.


As they say “I get about in my tea half hour”, I’ve been to many places most of them for work or study.


In rough chronological order:


London – I’ve spent more time than I care to mention in an around London and Essex over my lifetime, and were it not an insanely expensive place to live, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


Devon & Dorset – another pair of places I’ve spent enormous amounts of time, mainly for family and scouting reasons.


Amsterdam and Den Haag in The Netherlands – I went with school to see the Vincent Van Gogh museum, this is not a cover story, that’s why I went. Our teachers managed to walk us through the red light district which was interesting, I did manage to get addicted to air hockey however.


Italy – this was a two week family trip taking all the most famous areas of Italy, from The Assisi Cathedral, The Uffizzi Gallery and Roma, a lovely country, I even managed to grab a lift on the back of a vespa to see the real david with one of the insanely attractive local young women.


South Africa – this was for my last year in university and was an international science expedition, it is a beguiling and wonderful place, and amongst the most dangerous place I’ve ever spent time. I’ve seen Robben island from the coast at Cape Town, stomped around Jo’burg, walked around Durbs, seen great whites and sea lions and spent three days in Tembe elephant park.


France – I lived and worked in Quimper, in the south east of France one summer, a lovely little place famous for its pottery and close enough to the coast to get away. I was also able to see L’festival de courniuelle a Breton Music and culture festival. I made many friends from around the world as I elected to live in a youth hostel whilst out there, and was called a womanizer by a French man, which as an English guy is pretty much a compliment, his girlfriend didn’t seem to mind, however.

Cumbria – a lovely part of the world, always a great thrill to take yourself off and disappear up a mountain for a day, munching on mint-cake, the Derwent pencil museum is a great place and walking around Beatrix Potter country is always refreshing. I’ve also been to the places Led Zeppelin used to go to get away from the world in their hey-day.


Bristol – my second favourite city in the UK, after London, it’s a great compact and slightly crazy place, but the music scene and friends I have there are second to none, the nightlife is excellent and it’s close enough to London to effect get-always. I know many people in the creative community there and am known to some its more exclusive evening establishments due to my being friends with certain Ninja DJ’s. It’s where I’ll choose to live eventually, unless I end up with a huge pay rise and can go back to London or NYC.



    1. I will over time say as much as I can about my travels there, and I might well be able to drag in people I know who work out there, if they’re not too busy.

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