My Guitar & Music Gear

The Stuff in my Hands, namely my guitars

I’ve played guitar for some 17 years, in that time I have acquired, used, bought & sold and more importantly; played many hundreds of guitars, the few I have represent the crème de la crème of those I’ve come to use.

My Guitars & Instruments

A pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster, in lake placid blue I don’t need to tell you why this is an insanely good instrument, it is many times older than I am.

PRS Custom 22 in Green, excellent guitar indeed.

Indie ES-355 copy, lovely guitar, solidly good for blues.

Two handbuilt ‘Mojo’ guitars built by a former guitar shop owning friend of mine who now lives and works in LA. They’re loaded with Bare Knuckle pickups and made of rare woods, utterly lovely unique things, I have two of only four in existence.

Custom self made Fender Strat. With a 60’s Gibson bridge humbucker, standard middle line pickup and a tele neck pickup, in purple.

Martin DX1AE, lovely modern Electro Acoustic

Tanglewood Professional Folk  Electro Acoustic

AXL 12-String acoustic, that does the job.

An old beat up Freshman acoustic guitar that I’ve taken all round the world.

A Ukulele that’s purple, I can actually use it as well.

A Mandolin, again I can use this.

Yamaha 250 Electric bass, a solid 4 string bass guitar with a nice tone.

Fender Classical Guitar.

Yamaha PSR 530 Keyboard.

Effects Rig

I have an inordinate amount of guitar effects, I like to be able to sculpt any tone I hear on a record or anything I can think up, no matter how odd.

These are spread across three pedal boards.

BOSS, distortion, metal, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Univibe, Flanger, Loop Station and Tuner.

MXR, Phase90 and Blue Box.

Vox V847 that I had true bypassed by an engineer mate of mine.

EHX Soul Preacher compressor and Nano Big Muff Pi.

A custom built Overdrive in which you change the chipsets to get various tones I have a Tube Screamer chip, Germanium and Classic Fuzz.

Seymour Duncan Fuzz Box.

Zoom B2 Bass effects pedal.


 I have both solid state and valve amps, I prefer valve, despite the upkeep costs, it does just sound better.

Fender Mustang modeling amp, containing very good digital captures of all their classic amps and good onboard effects.

Marshall HDFX100, nice bit of kit, does what it says on the tin.

Marshall Acoustic 50, lovely honest amp.

Blackstar HT1 lovely piece of kit, all of their stuff I’ve ever used is, I will be getting a 100W head of theirs some time soon.

Selmer Treble & Bass 100 a vintage EL34 amp, absolutely dreamy amp.


Two Marshall JCM 900’s with greenbacks, nuff said.

Recording End

I use Red5Audio microphones brilliant stuff, industry standard specs and have never let me down.

Alesis Firewire 8 mixer, I use firewire for latency reasons, USB doesn’t have the bandwidth.

Horn Compressor, simple solid mono compressor I have rigged into the effects chain of my mixer.

Numark mixdeck express, a handy outboard system for capturing samples, and scratching.

Akai turntable purely for vinyl playback pleasure purposes.

Tannoy AL10 Active Monitor pair, and very good they are too.

Roland PRO 300 Production keyboard, passes the Ronseal Test.


Main production computer 27” imac, 16GB Ram, 1TB Hard Drive, etc.

Laptop 15” Macbook Pro, 8Gb Ram, 500 GB hard drive.


I use Logic 9 and LogicX (very good this)

Reason 5-7

Guitar Rig 5





Traktor Scratch Pro 2


Serato DJ


Miroslav Philharmonik

Sample Moog

Pro-Tools 10

Ableton, occasionally.

That’s about it, however the most important element is yours truly, I could be stripped of all these pretty things and for £2000 be back up and running with a decent guitar and laptop in days, it isn’t about the kit you use, although that does help, the best thing is having the musicality to make it with anything.


Distance Left…