Genres Bug Me or why “What Kind of Music Do you make?” is almost a meaningless question.

This is a bit of a short rant, but I stand by it.

For me, music comes in 4 different kinds;

  1. Music that is Good
  2. Music that Bad
  3. Music That You Like
  4. Music That You don’t like

There are combinations here, but all are Music. Plain and Simple.

Forced to pick between Listening to Beethoven or The Backstreet Boys, for the rest of all time for me is a no-brainer (Beethoven), but it is only my opinion and taste, there is no objective proof that one is better, well almost not, unless a sensible measure of what music, musicality and talent actually are could be made it is merely a taste preference.

However to use the metric of impact upon culture and legacy, I’m pretty sure I could win the argument hands down, except history hasn’t played out yet…so the jury is out and always will be til the human race or the universe ends, the latter is likely to happen first, either by evolution or through self annihilation, just to be factually accurate.

This will give you some idea why this ‘argument’ bothers me, and why Genres Bug Me.

This is a brilliant endless semantic nonsense, that I do indulge in, from time to time, but it’s so subjective it’s almost just for fun.

For example, I work in a Punk way, I DIY all the things I use except mass produced, strings, some guitars, some plectrums, computers, I make my own album work, do photos for inserts and so on (these will exist on physical + Digital versions of my EPs and albums) .

However I don’t make ‘Punk’ sounding music, I have solos, I sometimes don’t sing, or use 4/4, or even guitars, or even actual instruments, so what is it a method or a sound…and so on ad infinitum.

You can see why this gets to me.

And that’s all I’ll say on the matter.



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