Copyrights/Sharing/Data/Websites/Social Media et al

Dear All,

I have had lots of spare paper work and protocol time, this is more one of those ‘nuts & bolts’ type posts, than a fun, creative, or personal thing, if you don’t like legal jargon, or technical language please view a more fun travel or music related post.

As someone who at least for some part of my income makes things, that is unique musical compositions, pieces, sound effects, recordings, radio programs, and so on, I have to read, sort, sign and deal with contracts, personal agreements, work with friends on legal things, whereby we don’t end up arguing over money.

This also means, I get and most musical/creative people are approached all the time, by some new start up, or net company, who offer a service, usually one artists can perform themselves (like a website, or promotion).

Most of this are rip-off middlemen who take your copyrights, like Facebook or Google do, do a little digging into their terms of service and you’ll see why I don’t use them.
This is one of the many reasons I support, it’s tough making a living as a musician, without multi-billion companies making a system worse than the major label system, yes, worse, and pop’s got worse unless you hunt out indy music too, you may have heard how it all really sounds the same these days lol.

I also take photographs, by no means professionally, but they’re mine and I don’t want them advertising whatever it is that Facebook, google or whoever might want them for, and not give me anything for.

My Stance

I support Copyright, it’s complex and little Archaic at times, but it works, I can control how, and who can use what I make, they contact me, and I agree or disagree, permissions; the very basis of civil society, simple.

If people contact me, I have no issue at all, that’s the point, there are enough sharks, pirates, and such what in the seas anyway, I don’t want more stuff to worry about.

Patents, are a whole other thing altogether, and don’t apply to what I do, as are Trademarks, and these don’t yet apply to me.

What websites and online services I use and why…

Google – As little as I can, DuckDuckGo is safer.

Gmail – I recently deleted my gmail due how they behave as a company towards Musicians and other creative people.

iCloud – It doesn’t have to keep your data, and owns it’s rights, so I don’t use it.

Facebook – It’s basically an NSA/GCHQ side-project and I also hate it’s slow interface, not something I use, no rights over anything you put there.

Instagram – Owned by Facebook, so no rights, so I don’t use it.

YouTube – I browse it, but have no Channel, they treat their content makers badly.

Vimeo – I don’t mind and have begun making a channel that I will eventually share.

Vevo – Just bugs me utterly personal, no idea about their rights policy.

MySpace – Used it back in the day, never wanted to since, also Rights over content issues.

Soundcloud – I love soundcloud, I control my rights, and am accountable and supported, good all round.

Bandcamp – I have one on the wings for when my EP is complete, rights, sales it’s all under artist control, nicely done.

Flickr – Don’t steal my rights, so if I didn’t have a website of my own to post to, I’d use them, simple as.

WordPress – Much the same, what’s here is mine, and that’s fine.

Twitter – is the only rights stealing site I use regularly, I like the format, it’s handy, instant and worldwide, and fun.

Spotify/Pandora/LastFm et al – Pay Artists nothing and I can choose to stream via Soundcloud, a big no-no there.

Patreon – Seems like a decent bet and if I started to ask people for money I wouldn’t crowd-source anyway, in the future I will opt for this I think.

Anyone who wants to learn more about this, should look up, stallman,org, or just search privacy rights and get reading.

There will be more music and fun, but there is a serious side to what I do too.


Distance Left…