Pricing & Merchandise

As I’m on a partial hiatus I’ve been able to work out a couple of things;

1) A new socio-economic model based on energy and resources, [I’m a nerd and it involves stats and research, humour me lol]. I will post up my framework for people to explore and adapt when I’m happy with it.

2) The pricing of my music and my policy on merchandise.


Pricing of my Music/Merch:


Physical CDs £10

Digital Downloads, with documents and artwork £7-8 Via Bandcamp/itunes et al.

Merchandise, the only merch I’m happy with is t-shirts, in purple or black, with Logos and Name, however I don’t want there to be millions of them, for environmental reasons there is enough mindless consumerism as it is and I’d rather people had music.

There’s also the added issue of boycotting, which will starve people in places like Bangladesh, I can’t condone that, even if sweatshops are a nightmare, t-shirts would be fair trade, it seems to be the best of both worlds, I have shirts from now defunct fair trade outlets, that achieved their goals of improving societies.

That said, if people want t-shirts, I have an account with a local printers, and they would be available initially to friends and family and on request from fans.



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