Simon ‘Bravura’ Bellord

-Music is Everything-

Starting with the Guitar at the tender age of nine, I’ve played music on some instrument in someway or other, up to the current day.

I’ve also worked as a Radio Host, Producer, DJ, Session Musician, Live Musician and Studio Technician, as well as in the Biological Sciences, IT and Libraries, in both the UK and France.

I can use to varying degrees several languages; including Music, French, a little Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Maths and ‘nerd’.

I do everything at Distance Left Musik, the graphics, the copy, all of the music, etc, I’m very much in the ‘if you want it done right, do it yourself’, or with a small trusted group of the right people, schools of thought and work.

Specialties: Guitar, Bass, Mixing, DJ-ing, Music Production, Song Writing, Radio Hosting, Research, Events Management, Events Promotion, PR & Advertising, Graphics, Photography (Digital), being eccentric.


Distance Left…


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