Change of circumstances…

Due to a massive change in personal and familial circumstances, the death of a relative, the illness of an immediate family member and the sudden move and job loss to another I am having to completely rethink all my plans and retrain in IT/Software development as I will need a far more stable income to weather a decade of running a house.

How Guitar Tone Works

There are four basic causes for a particular guitar sound.


1) The guitar itself, the wood it’s made of, it’s pick ups, strings all play a part in the sound it outputs

2) The signal chain, the effects, how the signal is sent, further colour the signal

3) The amp and speakers through which a guitar is played adds enormously to the sonic colour

4) You, the player, how you inflect a notes, your style, rhythm and feel are the single largest component to individual tone.

News & Updates

I’ve got a few pieces of news to share with y’all…


1) I’ve finished the writing for my EP, this leaves only one track to record, two to edit and the block of tracks to have mastered.

2) I’ve been asked to setup and run a recording studio with a friend in London

3) I’ve gotten an unconditional place at music college


These are all bits of news that are great, and considering they’ve come right after a family funeral are massively welcome.




Distance Left…

Upcoming – EP ‘Life is an Art’ – Tracklist & Pricing

I have been working on songs for my EP for some 6 months now and have finally settled upon a tracklist, mastering studio and artwork collaborations, as well as a pricing structure.


Tracklist – Life is an Art – EP

1) Introductory Atmospheres

2) Guitar & Bass

3) Warming

4) Rainy Day Blues

5) Night on the Beach

6) Sealoution

7) I Blame Sean

8) Dancefloor Brakes


The artwork will be supplied via a variety of my own photos, graphics, as well as the artwork of two friends and colleagues.

I will have it mastered by http://www.audioanimals.co.uk



Digital Download, itunes/Bandcamp £8

CD £10

Vinyl £15

There will also be T-shirts for £13, the £1 profit will go to charity,  they’re will be available in Purple or Black.



Distance Left…


Make your own home Disco

This is a silly post.

You will need:


One Stereo

A selection of Dance/Club music

A darkened room

at least two sets of bike lights

a box of glowsticks

your drugs of choice


1) Darken the room

2) crack some glowsticks

3) put all the bike lights onto flash mode

4) begin the music

5) imbibe your drugs of choice

6) dance like a motherf*cker


That is all..

Jean Michel Jarre: ‘Don’t forget that us creators are the smart part in a smartphone’ by @Helienne Lindvall

Music Technology Policy

[Editor Charlie sez: We are thrilled to welcome Helienne Lindvall to MTP as a guest writer!  Helienne interviewed Jean Michel Jarre, the newly elected president of CISAC, at MIDEM.  A version of this interview previously appeared in the Guardian.  As this year’s conference is widely rumored to be the last MIDEM, we should enjoy it while we can before it turns into a tech conference.]

by Helienne Lindvall

At this week’s Midem music conference in Cannes, France, I sat down with electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre, whose career as an artist and composer is now in its fifth decade, having broken through internationally with his groundbreaking Oxygene album in 1976. Last year, he took over the presidency of CISAC, the global body for authors’ societies, after the previous president, Robin Gibb, passed away – and so his Midem “visionary talk” went under the headline Fair Share for Creators.

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How to cope with housework…

Let’s face it, we probably all hate housework, I consider anytime not spent with my music, mates or making love, or eating a waste of my life.


Thus I have a few handy tips for housework…


1) Do a little everyday, an hour at the most

1.1) Hoover and tidy one room a day for an hour, don’t aim to finish, just to improve, this means a weeks housework is easy


2) Bathrooms; are a pain.

2.1) Every week or fortnight use your now dying sponge to clean your bath/shower, sink and toilet in that order, after you shower, easy peasy

2.2) Always keep your toilet clean, as the addage goes, ‘you’re of no use to anyone unless you can clean a toilet’


3) Kitchens; my favourite room in a house, I love cooking but it’s a process, not a ‘task’, food shoud be fun, nutritious and delicious

3.1) NEVER leave the washing up for the morning, this will always make your morning suck, even you wake up next to the love of your life

3.2) As you cook, wash up utensils as you finish with them and leave a bowl of washing water to soak pots and pans, so that as you eat you know your dishes are doing


4.2) Bedrooms; the most personal of rooms

4.1) Saving all else change your bedclothes once a week without fail, wash them with your towels that week, one load done, simples

4.2) Tidy before you sleep, it relaxes the mind and you can end the day on an achievement that means less to do the next day


To be continued….