Distance Left’s – Studio ‘The Lab’

I plan to have the studio up and running in London by September 2014, left in trust with my associates…


I will be setting up my studio somewhere near Mile End, it will be open for any artists to record, mix, write and rehearse in.

I will be constantly upgrading my gear, but as it stands I can record any kind of music, from Downtempo to Jazz & Soul.

I’ve played guitar for 17 years, been a recording, live & radio host and technician for 10 years.

I have all the latest plugins,  DAWs, a raft of hardware, (from all the big names), instruments, (from drums, through keyboards to thumb pianos), literature (magazines, theory guides, films etx) and experience at my disposal.

I’ve also got links and contacts with radio, mastering teams, remixers, DJ’s both small and large and many ‘names’ in the industry.

I also know a plethora or artists, photographers and video makers for music video and artwork.




Standard recording £25/hr £22 for blocks of 10 hours or more.

5-8 Track EP £400

10-15 Track Album £600

Writing Assistance £20/hr

Rehearsal £15/hr

Complete package; EP or Album, Artwork, Project Management & Promo, £800


Come and make some music…



Distance Left…

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