EP Preview

My upcoming EP ‘Life is an Art’ can be previewed here


It will be out in full in August 2014.

I’ve also finished the material for my album, and settled on a title.



Distance Left




Upcoming – EP ‘Life is an Art’ – Tracklist & Pricing

I have been working on songs for my EP for some 6 months now and have finally settled upon a tracklist, mastering studio and artwork collaborations, as well as a pricing structure.


Tracklist – Life is an Art – EP

1) Introductory Atmospheres

2) Guitar & Bass

3) Warming

4) Rainy Day Blues

5) Night on the Beach

6) Sealoution

7) I Blame Sean

8) Dancefloor Brakes


The artwork will be supplied via a variety of my own photos, graphics, as well as the artwork of two friends and colleagues.

I will have it mastered by http://www.audioanimals.co.uk



Digital Download, itunes/Bandcamp £8

CD £10

Vinyl £15

There will also be T-shirts for £13, the £1 profit will go to charity,  they’re will be available in Purple or Black.



Distance Left…


Science is an Art – EP Teaser Track: Experiment #1

Today I’m releasing a track from my upcoming EP ‘Science is an Art’

It’s the most experimental one there’l be right at the end, so people don’t have it interupting my more song like songs.

I’ll be putting up one more song up as well before I release digitally and a third before I do so physically.




Distance Left…

Upcoming EP ‘Science is an Art’

Dear All,

I have an EP coming out. It’ll be available digitally here.

I’ve attached the artwork to this post, the title is ‘Science is an Art’ there are five tracks to it covering the styles I tend to work in, Pop/Rock/Funk/Acoustic and Electronica.

All the music, was written, produced, recorded and performed by yours truly it was mastered at Black Saloon Studios.

It will be available physically, but this will take some months to organize, as I wish to do it entirely myself thus making it cheaper for your lovely selves and giving me as much control as possible over art-work, branding, rights, photos, layouts and so forth.

I hope you enjoy it and I will announce and plug it over the coming year, it should lead to an album sometime around the end of the year, once I’ve moved back to a city in the UK.



Distance Left…