How Guitar Tone Works

There are four basic causes for a particular guitar sound.


1) The guitar itself, the wood it’s made of, it’s pick ups, strings all play a part in the sound it outputs

2) The signal chain, the effects, how the signal is sent, further colour the signal

3) The amp and speakers through which a guitar is played adds enormously to the sonic colour

4) You, the player, how you inflect a notes, your style, rhythm and feel are the single largest component to individual tone.


News & Updates

I’ve got a few pieces of news to share with y’all…


1) I’ve finished the writing for my EP, this leaves only one track to record, two to edit and the block of tracks to have mastered.

2) I’ve been asked to setup and run a recording studio with a friend in London

3) I’ve gotten an unconditional place at music college


These are all bits of news that are great, and considering they’ve come right after a family funeral are massively welcome.




Distance Left…

Make your own home Disco

This is a silly post.

You will need:


One Stereo

A selection of Dance/Club music

A darkened room

at least two sets of bike lights

a box of glowsticks

your drugs of choice


1) Darken the room

2) crack some glowsticks

3) put all the bike lights onto flash mode

4) begin the music

5) imbibe your drugs of choice

6) dance like a motherf*cker


That is all..

How to cope with housework…

Let’s face it, we probably all hate housework, I consider anytime not spent with my music, mates or making love, or eating a waste of my life.


Thus I have a few handy tips for housework…


1) Do a little everyday, an hour at the most

1.1) Hoover and tidy one room a day for an hour, don’t aim to finish, just to improve, this means a weeks housework is easy


2) Bathrooms; are a pain.

2.1) Every week or fortnight use your now dying sponge to clean your bath/shower, sink and toilet in that order, after you shower, easy peasy

2.2) Always keep your toilet clean, as the addage goes, ‘you’re of no use to anyone unless you can clean a toilet’


3) Kitchens; my favourite room in a house, I love cooking but it’s a process, not a ‘task’, food shoud be fun, nutritious and delicious

3.1) NEVER leave the washing up for the morning, this will always make your morning suck, even you wake up next to the love of your life

3.2) As you cook, wash up utensils as you finish with them and leave a bowl of washing water to soak pots and pans, so that as you eat you know your dishes are doing


4.2) Bedrooms; the most personal of rooms

4.1) Saving all else change your bedclothes once a week without fail, wash them with your towels that week, one load done, simples

4.2) Tidy before you sleep, it relaxes the mind and you can end the day on an achievement that means less to do the next day


To be continued….

Earth Energy Economics – A Basic Outline

This is a rough framework of my Economic ideas as mentioned in the last post.

I do have music things ongoing too, but anyone who knows me, will be aware I’m a political animal (to a point, career politics has defeated much that was good about politics, and emphasised much that was bad).


TL;DR (AKA illiterate lazy moron/time pressed persons version)/ Or Abstract, if your’re of an academic bent.

Convert all money to Earth Energy Credits, backed by Resource Availability and their worth through scarcity. (EC/∑Cs as a unit). Reign in the worst aspects of Neoliberalism, i.e environmental destruction, paupering people, etc. Manage the planet sustainably and scientifically to help the largest possible number of people, live as long and as reasonably, and as sustainably as possible. Thus Ensuring the survival, maintenance, and future existence of Humans on Earth with a Space Worthy Civilsation.

If I were to call this a political movement it would be Earth-Onomics/The Sustainable Civilisation Party, it would not be ‘tree hugging hippy cr*p’ to quote Eric Cartman, as it would have to work in the real world with science, and not in the land of the hair shirts and drum circles.

I seriously regret not becoming a Mining Engineer, at this point, I could have actually been working on this, legitimately, and have a job from it, more fool me, for turning down the best known college for this on Earth, Camborne School of Mines (I had an unconditional place, I am an idiot, I could go back for Post-Grad stuff, if they’d have me). I’d have a great job, and still have time for music, as it is I have weird jobs, and do occasionally make some music). Future, tough thing to predict and all.


The Earth Credit – Energy Economy System – or We’re Literally Costing the Earth, let’s make it obvious.

Simon Mark Bellord-Bull ©2014


Pre-Amble –

In the famous words of the fictional Zaphod Beeblebrox, “I’m just this guy, you know?”, that’s it I’m just this guy, I’m not a genius and I’m not a fool, I have a background in Science and my passion is Music, I dabble in politics and consider myself broadly left-wing. I’m neither utterly for or against ‘the system’ I don’t call for Revolution, violent or otherwise, I know the historical record too well to advocate it.

I favour democracy, the more direct the better, even to Anarchist levels of it (i.e Minarchy), take the power back, literally, I don’t subscribe to any particular ideologies, beyond, Humanism, Secularism, Liberalism, Democracy, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law.

I’m also pro-nuclear power, and anti-nuclear war, (how about a nice game of chess?) for I hope, obvious reasons.

I also consider it most ideologies unnecessary, what humans need to do is to utilise their ability to adapt, to evolve, we’re arguably the most behaviourally adaptable species on this planet, and we owe it everything, our existence infact.

Children who loose their parents, or kill them do not survive, and we are children of the universe and more locally of Earth, we won’t survive this century if we wreck our own habitat, we have a duty to maintain our home, and I believe the abilities, the ITER project [1], the Moon Landings all demonstrate the immense capabilities of humankind, however our wars, greed and indifference to those we consider ‘other’ do us great dis-service but cannot be disregarded as parts of our nature.

I take the following things to be complete writ facts; physics works, science and technology are our greatest tools, our social ability one of our greatest assets to survival.

We (by which I mean the human species/race/civilisation) face a crisis, of our own making, that of climate change, if we do not take steps to mitigate or adapt to this we face a slow and lingering extinction, and worst of all without personal jetpacks.

Whilst I consider this idea basically mine (as in my formulation of an existing and frankly obvious set of ideas), I claim the nomenclature and general structure I am creating it as a basis for those with more specialist knowledge in mathematics, statistics, biology, chemistry, physics & engineering to adapt and improve upon.

This idea is rooted in Keynsian/Smithian Economics and most other Economics 101 principles, this is to make it easy enough to do in your head or on the back of an envelope to test. (I am aware Economics is at best a post-hoc complex modelling system).

I have taken on the critiques of capitalism of Marx & Engels, as well as Emma Goldman and the thoughts of Weber, we cannot have a system that caters only to humans material needs that leaves us socially, culturally or (and I use the term in a broad way) spiritually malnourished.

I will now proceed to outline ‘my’ ideas….


Earth Energy Economics

Being a person of a reasonably high level of education (Biology Graduate B.Sc), and a lover of words I consider the naming and the reasoning behind naming to be important. It is partly based on my study many years ago of Earth Systems Science, which shows the synergy of Earth’s functions and how humans impact them. [1].


I will briefly explain

  1. What I call my idea

  2. Why I chose to call it this and what significance the initialism has

  3. General Princples

  4. It’s broad scope


The basic principles of Earth Energy Economics

1.) The naming of the idea; Earth Energy Economics E.E.E or ∑.∑.∑ = ∆E/t –

2.) This should be obvious, we live on Earth, we need Energy to run our civilisation and Economics (whilst not a hard science by any means) is a pre-existing adaptable structure that enables the exchange of abstract units of currency between individuals, nations, super- states, companies, and so forth, it is thus, work done for all its myriad foibles.

3.) The basic idea and general principle, is to move away from a fiat form of currency, (the US Dollar $ currently backs the world economic system) to a backed currency, using Energy Costs and/or Resource costs (these are often directly equatable) to back the ‘Earth Energy Credit or Earth Credit’ ∑∑C/∑C or EEC or EC. I.e somethings cost in ECs/∑Cs is a direct measure of its cost to the Earth in terms of Resources, Energy and Human Time expressed in an abstract Unit, backed by the actual existence of The Resource, The Energy to work with it and the Human time to do this.

3.a) I propose this as a complete replacement of all current currencies, this solves for one trade balance deficits, and dangerous fluctuations in currency markets, as well as an end to foreign exchange nonsense, this would not need to be immediate as I am aware currencies are part of people’s cultuarl heritage, so in transition any currency could be exchanged for ∑C/EC.

3.b) The reason I have used sigma ∑ or ‘sum’ as it is known, is that the Earth Credit would directly represent the Energy Cost of a given Product or Service, this also means not having to throw the baby out with the bathwater but ‘merely’ adapt our current system to this new mode of operation.

Seeing as prediction is very hard, especially about the future, as Niels Bohr noted, I would say the following this transition would take at least a decade, but most likely meet far more political obstacles that practical or theoretical ones.

  1. The idea of personal wealth would not be thrown out, it is an important motivating factor for humans and can’t be removed (command economies bear this out in the blood of millions, mad men with moustaches not withstanding).

    1. The idea of ‘profit’ and expendability of the environment and of exploitation would have to be discarded however, we live on a finite resource (the Earth) and can support as some estimates suggest only 9-11 Billion people, with industrial technologies to support them.

    2. The mechanism I propose to replace the profit motive is simply efficiency, e.g All people will have an allowance of EC that will meet their basic needs, shelter, water, food, education, family & friends and other social needs, this will be regarded and already is considered a basic human right (along with others not relevant here) however if a person was to make a new system or process, or refine an existing one, that made the amount of energy consumed in that process less, that person would get back that Net Energy difference as an increase in their ‘basic rate of pay’, a pay rise/allowance increase. I base the ideas here on guaranteed incomes, on that of Martin Luther King and the ideas currently being testing in Sweden/Switzerland giving citizens a basic income, as a right.

    3. In the very likely event someone creates a novel cultural work (a book, play, piece of music, visual piece &c) this would also earn them a similar increase, as they have added to society and the human experience.


    e) The basic breakdowns of cost would fall into the following categories:

    Resource (scarcity would impact its cost, I.e the rarer the material the more EC it costs)

    Energy to use/make/move Resources into a new product etc >E(J) > EC cost

    Human Cost In Time (defined as a hourly rate as now, more demanding jobs making this more expensive and those making them compensated accordingly).


    Thus cost of item X in EC = (Amount (Kg/g/Ton)+Rarity of material(Proportion Remaining of estimate global total)+Total Energy Cost (J)+Human Cost EC/hr = EC


    Or more simply and formally: Value of X in EC/∑C = Am+(R/T)+E+H (EC)


    I will go on to work through a simple example (I am guesstimating figures for the same of demonstration) however I will do this example in full, as a test case, to theoretically test this model.


    As I’m English I will pick ‘A Cup or Mug of Tea (Or Coffee if you’re sur la continent’);


    Anyone who spots a basic mathematics error here, or a missing variable, co-efficient, something ill derived etc, please point it out, I did this in a rush, in my spare time, pretty much for fun, so if people are able to apply more rigour to it, that would be fantastic.

    I will post my ‘Cup of EX-Ample’ Example, later once I have the numbers behaving and the maths as rigorous as my spare time allows it to become, it’s a lot of work finding all the figures needed to get this simple portion working.

    Yes, this is idea is copyrighted, it’s mine, at least in princple, it is not Creative Commons, as that’s simply copyright 2.0, for a world where copyright isn’t knackered, there’s just silly tech companies, and loonies on both sides saying either


    a) everything needs to be free, literally, metaphorically, code wise, content-wise or

    b) Patent maths,

    I favour position

    c) a the ‘third position’; both sides have points, but you can’t starve artists, nor can you stop people sharing things they like, or adapting ideas, copyright works ok here, many patents are absurd and dangerous, google et al profiting on ad-money, (this is their revenue) from illegal actions is crap, so too however is the NSA, so too would be having no national security at all. e.g I think Snowden did something important, he shouldn’t be killed for it, or overly praised, he brought to light what anyone with some semblance of how technology works guessed/assumed/could see as possible anyway.

    Anyone who wishes to build on this, work with me on it, get in touch and credit your sources, as I have done. Simple As. There is also a host of professional peer-reviewed academic work in this, it is not a new idea, and thankfully, it is being seriously considered by many people with far greater expertise than myself.

    I’m posting this to show awareness, of the level of complexity involved, and well as a guide to thinking round this topic, I will leave things to the professionals but any serious expert input of a paper someone finds that I’m not aware of, or can’t access as I’m not a student would be much appreciated.


    References/Further Reading

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    [2] Marshak, Stephen. (2005). Portrait of a Planet. 3rd Ed. W.W. Norton.

    [3] Accessed 5/4/2014.

    [4]- cup-of-tea-or-coffee Accessed 5/4/2014.

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    [8] (Search Terms; Energy, Resources, Economics, or any combination thereof) Accessed 5/4/2014.



    [1] Note to Marxists, North Americans and Young People, yes value will be added by labour, this does mean the potential for exploitation of workers, as utterly abolishing private ownership has gone very wrong in the past, and doesn’t work even as a concept, citizens of earth should have unions in the German/World Union sense and would hopefully be given guaranteed incomes anyway, thus reducing or removing the need for welfare states, there would of course be NHS style health care, Socialised medicine and Utilities in the European sense e.g State Owned, not Socialism in the Stalinist or Nazi sense fascism means war as everyone has learnt to the detriment of (hu)mankind.


    Copyrights/Sharing/Data/Websites/Social Media et al

    Dear All,

    I have had lots of spare paper work and protocol time, this is more one of those ‘nuts & bolts’ type posts, than a fun, creative, or personal thing, if you don’t like legal jargon, or technical language please view a more fun travel or music related post.

    As someone who at least for some part of my income makes things, that is unique musical compositions, pieces, sound effects, recordings, radio programs, and so on, I have to read, sort, sign and deal with contracts, personal agreements, work with friends on legal things, whereby we don’t end up arguing over money.

    This also means, I get and most musical/creative people are approached all the time, by some new start up, or net company, who offer a service, usually one artists can perform themselves (like a website, or promotion).

    Most of this are rip-off middlemen who take your copyrights, like Facebook or Google do, do a little digging into their terms of service and you’ll see why I don’t use them.
    This is one of the many reasons I support, it’s tough making a living as a musician, without multi-billion companies making a system worse than the major label system, yes, worse, and pop’s got worse unless you hunt out indy music too, you may have heard how it all really sounds the same these days lol.

    I also take photographs, by no means professionally, but they’re mine and I don’t want them advertising whatever it is that Facebook, google or whoever might want them for, and not give me anything for.

    My Stance

    I support Copyright, it’s complex and little Archaic at times, but it works, I can control how, and who can use what I make, they contact me, and I agree or disagree, permissions; the very basis of civil society, simple.

    If people contact me, I have no issue at all, that’s the point, there are enough sharks, pirates, and such what in the seas anyway, I don’t want more stuff to worry about.

    Patents, are a whole other thing altogether, and don’t apply to what I do, as are Trademarks, and these don’t yet apply to me.

    What websites and online services I use and why…

    Google – As little as I can, DuckDuckGo is safer.

    Gmail – I recently deleted my gmail due how they behave as a company towards Musicians and other creative people.

    iCloud – It doesn’t have to keep your data, and owns it’s rights, so I don’t use it.

    Facebook – It’s basically an NSA/GCHQ side-project and I also hate it’s slow interface, not something I use, no rights over anything you put there.

    Instagram – Owned by Facebook, so no rights, so I don’t use it.

    YouTube – I browse it, but have no Channel, they treat their content makers badly.

    Vimeo – I don’t mind and have begun making a channel that I will eventually share.

    Vevo – Just bugs me utterly personal, no idea about their rights policy.

    MySpace – Used it back in the day, never wanted to since, also Rights over content issues.

    Soundcloud – I love soundcloud, I control my rights, and am accountable and supported, good all round.

    Bandcamp – I have one on the wings for when my EP is complete, rights, sales it’s all under artist control, nicely done.

    Flickr – Don’t steal my rights, so if I didn’t have a website of my own to post to, I’d use them, simple as.

    WordPress – Much the same, what’s here is mine, and that’s fine.

    Twitter – is the only rights stealing site I use regularly, I like the format, it’s handy, instant and worldwide, and fun.

    Spotify/Pandora/LastFm et al – Pay Artists nothing and I can choose to stream via Soundcloud, a big no-no there.

    Patreon – Seems like a decent bet and if I started to ask people for money I wouldn’t crowd-source anyway, in the future I will opt for this I think.

    Anyone who wants to learn more about this, should look up, stallman,org, or just search privacy rights and get reading.

    There will be more music and fun, but there is a serious side to what I do too.


    Distance Left…

    Travel – Which Broadens The Mind…

    I’ve been pretty lucky in life, beyond being born in a privileged first world nation, and into a well-to-do situation within that.


    I’ve been to a variety of places, having started life in London, I was moved by my parents to Cornwall, but spent most of my holidays there, thus, I’ve barely got any close friends from the rather small and close knit place I grew up.

    Most of my friends are from around the world, or at least in an around London.


    I have neither a city or country mentality, there are aspects of both which I like and dislike, however if forced to pick I would go for cities, there’s simply more to do and more people to do it with.


    As they say “I get about in my tea half hour”, I’ve been to many places most of them for work or study.


    In rough chronological order:


    London – I’ve spent more time than I care to mention in an around London and Essex over my lifetime, and were it not an insanely expensive place to live, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


    Devon & Dorset – another pair of places I’ve spent enormous amounts of time, mainly for family and scouting reasons.


    Amsterdam and Den Haag in The Netherlands – I went with school to see the Vincent Van Gogh museum, this is not a cover story, that’s why I went. Our teachers managed to walk us through the red light district which was interesting, I did manage to get addicted to air hockey however.


    Italy – this was a two week family trip taking all the most famous areas of Italy, from The Assisi Cathedral, The Uffizzi Gallery and Roma, a lovely country, I even managed to grab a lift on the back of a vespa to see the real david with one of the insanely attractive local young women.


    South Africa – this was for my last year in university and was an international science expedition, it is a beguiling and wonderful place, and amongst the most dangerous place I’ve ever spent time. I’ve seen Robben island from the coast at Cape Town, stomped around Jo’burg, walked around Durbs, seen great whites and sea lions and spent three days in Tembe elephant park.


    France – I lived and worked in Quimper, in the south east of France one summer, a lovely little place famous for its pottery and close enough to the coast to get away. I was also able to see L’festival de courniuelle a Breton Music and culture festival. I made many friends from around the world as I elected to live in a youth hostel whilst out there, and was called a womanizer by a French man, which as an English guy is pretty much a compliment, his girlfriend didn’t seem to mind, however.

    Cumbria – a lovely part of the world, always a great thrill to take yourself off and disappear up a mountain for a day, munching on mint-cake, the Derwent pencil museum is a great place and walking around Beatrix Potter country is always refreshing. I’ve also been to the places Led Zeppelin used to go to get away from the world in their hey-day.


    Bristol – my second favourite city in the UK, after London, it’s a great compact and slightly crazy place, but the music scene and friends I have there are second to none, the nightlife is excellent and it’s close enough to London to effect get-always. I know many people in the creative community there and am known to some its more exclusive evening establishments due to my being friends with certain Ninja DJ’s. It’s where I’ll choose to live eventually, unless I end up with a huge pay rise and can go back to London or NYC.

    A Day In The Life of Distance Left…

    I’m not usually a fan of over-exposure, as a producer DJ friend of mine oft reminds me “exposure, people die of that”.

    I don’t think he’s far wrong and being a naturally prvivate person I don’t enjoy the idea of people peering into my daily life, all the time, though I’m happy to share this ‘n’ that, if people want to ask anything about my politics, beliefs, or living strategies feel feel to comment, though if you try and push your beliefs, or agenda I will mod you, discussion and sharing I like, ideologues and dogmatists I don’t.

    With that said I will commence;

    A Day In the Life of Distance Left…

    Start of the Day:

    I get up anywhere between 5am and 7am, I tend to read a little, check my emails, check the news online nothing exciting.

    I do 10-15 mins of basic exercises, strectches, sit-ups, push-ups, limbering stuff, little weight lifting. I’m not hench, and I don’t like Gyms at all, I however don’t like being unfit or feeling unenergetic.

    I meditate, not in a religious way, I don’t subscribe to any religion, nor would I, however mediation works for me, and has been scientifically shown to work; I was severely depressed many years ago and it helps, along with exercise and a good diet to keep me medication free and sane.

    I tend to have basic breakfasts, wholemeal toast & spreads, porridge and fruit, muse-li (lol) , filling healthy stuff.

    Being in England and ‘middle-class’, whatever that means these days, I listen to a mixture of Radio 4, 6Music and any CD’s I have about or new and/or made by my friends, to warm me up to the world and music that day.

    Anytime between 8:30am-9am, if I haven’t got to go out, I’m in my studio, practising, warming, up setting up my gear and sifting through plugins, signal chains and setups.

    In the even I have to go out, I favour cycling, I have a Lager Fixed Speed Road Bike, and a Felt general mountain touring bike, depending on the conditions and how far and how hilly it is the place I need to go is.

    I get lifts, most of my friends drive and luckily one of my best mates is a Taxi driver, (yay mates rates) internationally or nationally I favour trains and sea vessels, I do fly, it’s just not my fave way to get about, damned security shoe fears, thanks Richard Reid, you arse, and you ruined Aldgate East and killed people in my home city, you utter prick.

    Lunch: I love sandwiches, they’re cheap, simple and healthy, I almost never have anything else, and am an avid lunch-box fan.

    After lunch, I return to the studio, and keep working, simple as, like any job music requires at least a 9-5 ethic, but usually way more.


    I keep working, and if something is going well, I just eat later, if I’m out working, DJ-ing or gigging, I pack and prep, eat and leave simple as.

    Evenings Out:

    If I’m going out socially, I wash dress, and put on some nice clothes, I never pay full price for clothes and love charity/thrift shops, dress well for less and help good causes, win-win.

    I’m not big on ‘product’ either, I loathe the ‘you must look better industry’ I use soap, shower gels & shampoo, one or two colognes, I prefer Davidoff Cool-Water and Beckhams Pour Homme, and beyond deodorants, that’s it.

    I go out to see friends, see music, see films and dance, that’s it. If I’m out to dance I’m almost stone cold sober, I drink White Russsian’s (yes like ‘The Dude’ my friend turned me onto them after my 21st, he put on ‘The Big Lebowski’ so yea that’s that), JD ‘n’ Coke, Real Ales or Guinness. I smoke socially (yes a vile habit) if I smoke during the day, it’s the electronic ones.

    Drugs, I personally don’t touch them, mental health and illegal drugs is a stupid mix. However the war on drugs is a sham and waste of time things like herion/coke should be controlled, but even Professor Nutt, actually made a case against this, so I side with him, and he lost his job for using science to get to the truth, poor guy.

    Evenings In:

    I watch TV Dramas, Films, play video games or listen to music/the radio.

    I also cook; I like cooking and don’t eat out unless it’s it’s a friends restaurant or I’m being lazy or late.

    That’s about it…I hope you find it more interesting that I do…


    Distance Left…

    Background/Core Principles

    Dear All,

    There are a few things I have to clarify…

    There will sadly be some ads on this blog, as unlike YouTube I can’t disable them, for free.

    I suggest, Mozilla Firefox, with Adblock and other tools, this does only solve the surface problem not the ‘ad crazed’ web2.0 one, however.

    We’re anti-corporate monopolies and hyper-capitalism, Enron type stuff, and nations with poor human rights. But not making a living, out of what we do, we will defend our copyrights, and ideas.

    We’re for Reason & Logic, but don’t reject feeling, wonder, awe and beauty, just BS, nonsense, denialism, religion, its apologists and extremists of any kind.

    We at Distance Left, share a similar philosophy, but not a single mind, so if you see contradictory posts, can’t guess which political spectrum we’re on, don’t worry, it’s meant to be a little bit vague.

    Some of us are Right Wing, some Liberal, some would live in communes, some favour beach side condos.

    We’re a mixed bunch and we look forward to bringing you a unique multi-media and arts experience.