How to cope with housework…

Let’s face it, we probably all hate housework, I consider anytime not spent with my music, mates or making love, or eating a waste of my life.


Thus I have a few handy tips for housework…


1) Do a little everyday, an hour at the most

1.1) Hoover and tidy one room a day for an hour, don’t aim to finish, just to improve, this means a weeks housework is easy


2) Bathrooms; are a pain.

2.1) Every week or fortnight use your now dying sponge to clean your bath/shower, sink and toilet in that order, after you shower, easy peasy

2.2) Always keep your toilet clean, as the addage goes, ‘you’re of no use to anyone unless you can clean a toilet’


3) Kitchens; my favourite room in a house, I love cooking but it’s a process, not a ‘task’, food shoud be fun, nutritious and delicious

3.1) NEVER leave the washing up for the morning, this will always make your morning suck, even you wake up next to the love of your life

3.2) As you cook, wash up utensils as you finish with them and leave a bowl of washing water to soak pots and pans, so that as you eat you know your dishes are doing


4.2) Bedrooms; the most personal of rooms

4.1) Saving all else change your bedclothes once a week without fail, wash them with your towels that week, one load done, simples

4.2) Tidy before you sleep, it relaxes the mind and you can end the day on an achievement that means less to do the next day


To be continued….