EP Preview

My upcoming EP ‘Life is an Art’ can be previewed here

It will be out in full in August 2014.

I’ve also finished the material for my album, and settled on a title.



Distance Left




News & Updates

I’ve got a few pieces of news to share with y’all…


1) I’ve finished the writing for my EP, this leaves only one track to record, two to edit and the block of tracks to have mastered.

2) I’ve been asked to setup and run a recording studio with a friend in London

3) I’ve gotten an unconditional place at music college


These are all bits of news that are great, and considering they’ve come right after a family funeral are massively welcome.




Distance Left…

Upcoming – EP ‘Life is an Art’ – Tracklist & Pricing

I have been working on songs for my EP for some 6 months now and have finally settled upon a tracklist, mastering studio and artwork collaborations, as well as a pricing structure.


Tracklist – Life is an Art – EP

1) Introductory Atmospheres

2) Guitar & Bass

3) Warming

4) Rainy Day Blues

5) Night on the Beach

6) Sealoution

7) I Blame Sean

8) Dancefloor Brakes


The artwork will be supplied via a variety of my own photos, graphics, as well as the artwork of two friends and colleagues.

I will have it mastered by



Digital Download, itunes/Bandcamp £8

CD £10

Vinyl £15

There will also be T-shirts for £13, the £1 profit will go to charity,  they’re will be available in Purple or Black.



Distance Left…


Holidays in General, but particuarly today.

Today wherever it is celebrated, it’s Valentines Day.

I’m neither for it nor against it, it’s a holiday of romance built around the burning alive of a heretic, it’s as mad and arbitrary as almost any festival not based on the movements of the heavens, or based on religious ideas, but hey people like to celebrate, it’s psychologically important.

I will however say this, I’m not a fan of the expectations, when I’m not single today bugs me, I’m expected to conform, I don’t express love like that, if someone needs to tell me how to do it, it’s not coming from me, and it’s an empty gesture.

When I’m single, by choice, a mixture of mine and other peoples lol, it bugs me, as well yes it is nice to have people in your life in that way, it’s also sometimes irksome, and gets in the way of your plans, means you have to deal with people defending their right to hold hands in public.

Organised Fun, is a seriously awful thing, people are being blown away in Syria because well, people can’t decide which form of Islam is the right one (Answer: neither, both are wrong) and who needs to sit in the chair and wield the politcal power that grants.

The Olympics are making a mockery of the values of the way of life we’ve come to know here in ‘the west’ and of those of more humane Russians in ‘the east’. English people stopped playing cricket about apartheid, but the curling continues, so well done Putin, you’re PR campaign worked, score another historical point for Edward Bernays. 

However, being alive, is what I’m fortunate enough to do, and so are those I care about, well most of them, I have some particularly personal reasons for finding today awkward and anyone who has ever lost a significant other will understand and if it hasn’t happened to you, I hope it doesn’t, it’s not something I’d wish on Hitler or Pol Pot (sure they deserve to die, but not to suffer) there’s enough suffering, made worse by religion, war, politics, stupidity anyway, without adding to it.

I obviously wish people love, up to the point where they think they’ve got the right to cut kids, because a voice they believe in or book tells them so, at that point, you’ve fallen off the humanity bandwagon and are in the mad, sad, bad camp.

So if you like celebrating love by remembering death, join in, if you don’t don,t as Mussolini once said (apparently) “the history of saints, is mostly the history of mad people” I think this qualifies as the most sensible thing he ever said, which just goes to show, even mad, megalomanic killers, can be as useful as a stopped clock.

The music is going OK too, for those of you here for that, I’m not happy putting out part finished things, but most of another song is done unless it involves vocals being missing, as I’ve asked someone if they’ll lay them down for me if she has the time, hopefully she does, and if any of you haven’t heard of Abee Hague, you will, but I won’t fan the flames anymore than that, she is good enough without the hype machine, and can do what she does.

Also nuts to you people who have a go at musicians who went to college, like Jessie J , “`dylan and so on,  that’s training, lawyers do it, doctors do it, scientists do, it’s all a profession, why wouldn’t there be formal ways to learn it?

Still life can be improved, it just needs people to be honest about the causes of problems and how to solve them, like the floods, here in Somerset, sorry people have lost their homes, but living in a flood plain is stupid from the off.


It’s like George Carlin noticed, ‘think how stupid you are, 50% of people are stupider than that’.


Distance Left

Genres Bug Me or why “What Kind of Music Do you make?” is almost a meaningless question.

This is a bit of a short rant, but I stand by it.

For me, music comes in 4 different kinds;

  1. Music that is Good
  2. Music that Bad
  3. Music That You Like
  4. Music That You don’t like

There are combinations here, but all are Music. Plain and Simple.

Forced to pick between Listening to Beethoven or The Backstreet Boys, for the rest of all time for me is a no-brainer (Beethoven), but it is only my opinion and taste, there is no objective proof that one is better, well almost not, unless a sensible measure of what music, musicality and talent actually are could be made it is merely a taste preference.

However to use the metric of impact upon culture and legacy, I’m pretty sure I could win the argument hands down, except history hasn’t played out yet…so the jury is out and always will be til the human race or the universe ends, the latter is likely to happen first, either by evolution or through self annihilation, just to be factually accurate.

This will give you some idea why this ‘argument’ bothers me, and why Genres Bug Me.

This is a brilliant endless semantic nonsense, that I do indulge in, from time to time, but it’s so subjective it’s almost just for fun.

For example, I work in a Punk way, I DIY all the things I use except mass produced, strings, some guitars, some plectrums, computers, I make my own album work, do photos for inserts and so on (these will exist on physical + Digital versions of my EPs and albums) .

However I don’t make ‘Punk’ sounding music, I have solos, I sometimes don’t sing, or use 4/4, or even guitars, or even actual instruments, so what is it a method or a sound…and so on ad infinitum.

You can see why this gets to me.

And that’s all I’ll say on the matter.



Distance Left…


Science is an Art – EP Teaser Track: Experiment #1

Today I’m releasing a track from my upcoming EP ‘Science is an Art’

It’s the most experimental one there’l be right at the end, so people don’t have it interupting my more song like songs.

I’ll be putting up one more song up as well before I release digitally and a third before I do so physically.



Distance Left…

Upcoming EP ‘Science is an Art’

Dear All,

I have an EP coming out. It’ll be available digitally here.

I’ve attached the artwork to this post, the title is ‘Science is an Art’ there are five tracks to it covering the styles I tend to work in, Pop/Rock/Funk/Acoustic and Electronica.

All the music, was written, produced, recorded and performed by yours truly it was mastered at Black Saloon Studios.

It will be available physically, but this will take some months to organize, as I wish to do it entirely myself thus making it cheaper for your lovely selves and giving me as much control as possible over art-work, branding, rights, photos, layouts and so forth.

I hope you enjoy it and I will announce and plug it over the coming year, it should lead to an album sometime around the end of the year, once I’ve moved back to a city in the UK.



Distance Left…

The Music

The link above is where the majority of Distance Left’s musical output resides, everything else is buried on hard drives, locked away in vaults, trapped in notes books, or on scraps of sheet music, to preserve it’s owners sanity and copyrights until it can see the light of day in a highly polished physical format.

For the time being, please delve into the digital…it’s available to all, who can access it.